Friday, 30 September 2011


Just a personal message from me to thank you all for visiting this blog.
Whenever possible I try to keep the stories and news as fresh as possible. Some days are particularly active, whilst others are bereft of good news items.

It takes around 2 hours a day to research, and so you can imagine that 80% of stories are just that - stories, or very bad fake videos on the paranormal.
A recent example was the news story from the Sun Newspaper of the `little girl` ghost caught allegedly on CCTV in a phone shop.
It was easy to see that this was yet another fake video news piece, and in fact someone proved it by actually recreating the same video using another figure!

So if you find a particular story isn`t here, it may well be an obvious fake or I haven`t heard about it!
If you find a good story of interest, please do let me know.

At the moment most stories are based around commercial events advertising ticketed  `ghost investigations` or newly built `Halloween Haunted Houses - run for profit. These I do tend to avoid unless the event is for a creditable charity.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and more news as it happens:)

Chris Halton
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