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The Purple Bar - Former Cinema
  A NIGHTSPOT is full of spirits – and not the alcoholic kind.

There have been so many ghostly goings-on in Sunderland’s Purple Bar that staff have called in the help of ghost-busting medium Suzanne Gill to track them down.

Spooky happenings in the bar, in Park Lane, include workers hearing children playing on the stairs, mysterious footsteps in the staff quarters and feeling cold in certain parts of the building.

Determined to get to the bottom of the spooky happenings, manager Steve Bennett has called in the help of top North East medium Suzanne, who was called in by Easington District Council to help remove a poltergeist from a Peterlee home in 2008.

After a visit to the bar yesterday, she picked up paranormal activity linked to the venue’s heritage, which used to be a cinema in the late 1800s.

Barman Paul Warrington said: “I’d never experienced any sort of paranormal activity before I worked here, but the sound of children playing on the stairs has been heard by so many of us. I go to look, but there’s never anyone there.”

Suzanne added: “I immediately picked up on the heritage of the building and felt a connection to a top architect called Mr Gray who had some connection to the docks and was a wealthy gentleman.

“I also felt there was some disaster at the back of the building, in which children were killed – the name Ivy or Ivory came to mind.

“I was able to make contact with a man called Tom who said he was looking for his son and relives the last days of his life walking up and down the corridor close to staff quarters.

“I also connected to the name Webb and an entertainer called Lottie.

“Much of the paranormal activity in the building is towards the back but the only time I felt threatened was at the bottom of the stairs with the Webb character.”

Medium Suzanne Gill & Manager Steve Bennett
Suzanne now plans on returning to the bar with a special evening show that will include personal readings and ghost cleansing.

Manager Steve said: “After so many of the staff alerted me to the activity and I saw how scared they were, I felt I had to take action.”

Source: Sunderland Echo
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