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At the mortal risk of becoming a social outcast in the paranormal community, I recently decided to check out the new Ovilus X.

Now I`ve used the `Ghost Box`, and many people swear by them as a reliable method of capturing ghostly voices.
 But my opinion was that this was merely `junk science` as they are nothing more than a radio with the frequency scanner working continuously around the band picking up random words or sentences which the user can claim to be a response to a question from a spiritual presence.

In fairness I tried using this device, and was more intrigued by what the user was interpreting rather than what was actually being recorded.

For many people this was the standard essential ghost hunting kit and they became highly profitable for the manufacturer`s and seller`s and of course were sold for much more money than they were worth, which in essence was around $10 for a basic model.

Then along came the Ovilus.  Now this was hailed as the technical wonder of the ghost hunting world as it employed much more than just a Ghost Box, as it was a tool to take the place of EMF readers, digital recording devices, dowsing rods and thermometers all at once.

Having used reputable EMF detectors and noticing that they did not always register activity - even when events were occurring in front of team members , I was a little dubious about the Ovilus.

So, putting any prejudice to one side I went to the manufacturer`s page to check out the new Ovilus X.

Having scanned the site looking in vain for a price, I decided to go through the ordering process - which as you will see was a long process during which on several occasions I had to agree to the pre-sale statements.

And here they are bundled together and as they appeared prior to a sale agreement:
Note: Key passages are in heavier type.

The Ovilus X is sold as an entertainment device only.
We make no claim to the validity of the data received by these devices
As the owner of this device you are responsible for the devices use.
Further you are responsible for the safety of others who may come in
contact with this device.
This device can generate disturbing text and speech it should not be used by children under the age of 18.
Further this device should not be used by anyone with a history of mental illness.
Why do we say for entertainment use only?
First and foremost the devises are designed to aid in Paranormal Research.
Not to be presented as evidence.

This devices can create speech and text, by method of taking energy levels in the environment and creating speech nothing more!
We make no claim as to Spirit communications, Aliens, Ghosts or any other type of phenomena.
Devices with this mode should be considered “For Entertainment” why?
Because there’s no person who can prove to a certainty what these messages are.

Further people need to take a rational grounded approach to any device that creates
speech or text. The power of suggestion is very strong!

No algorithm is employed to produce text or speech in a specific pattern.
Odds of this device saying a word that contextually correct is 1 in 2048,  Hand Held
And in using phonetic speech the odds are only 1 in 71.
A lot of claims have been made about devices such as this. Simple math will tell you
the odds are much better than you think that it’s just coincidence and nothing more.

You agree not to expose children to this device, or any person who maybe Harmed or
damaged by exposure to this device. Further you state that you are over 18 and are
in sound mental condition.
The Ovilus X is sold without any expectation, It is to be consider experimental.
I have answered all the above questions;
I understand that these devises are not the definitive method to talk to anything.
Further I understand that these devises are for Entertainment purposes only and
for use by Adults over 18 years of age. I state that I am at least 18 years of age
and this device is for my own use.

The Use of this item in ANY media production is strictly prohibited without prior written approval from Digital Dowsing llc,

 Source: Digital Dowsing link at

(a) The reason for a 1 in 2048 chance is because the device holds 2048 words. If there were 2,000 words it would be odds of 1 in 2000 of of getting it right. This makes the device entirely random in word generation.

 Eventually after answering correctly to each question I`m presented with a purchase price of $239.00!! 
So as you can read, the seller makes no claims to it`s abilities whatsover, and in effect admits it is completely useless for serious paranormal research.
But I know that won`t stop people who know very little on the paranormal from buying one.

 Even more sadly I see this device being used by some hardcore sceptics as a `scientific measuring device.`

With the recession we are experiencing, it is essential that you invest your hard earned cash wisely in improving camera`s and audio devices for recording phenomena.

Buying what amounts to as a working `ghost busters` toy isn`t going to ensure better results , but instead will leave you out of pocket on something that is merely a `fad` and like all `fads` it will no doubt be discarded in a few years for something new and fashionable.

The best detection device available on the market is free, it requires no batteries and is totally organic - it is YOU!

Your brain is the best device ever made, but it requires training and experience to measure paranormal  activity. Unfortunately many cannot be bothered to reach that standard (which we can all achieve). So instead people take the easy way out and buy these devices which are nothing better than a toy and do not further our understanding of the paranormal by one iota.

I rely upon my senses more so than anything else. It guides me, it indicates activity, and even show`s me activity much better than anything else I have used.
Unfortunately technology still lags way behind the ability of the human brain and comparatively we are still in the `dark ages` of paranormal technology.

As I reported recently, I am able to share on camcorder events which I have seen in total darkness.
It is not some mystic gift, it is an open mind and a willingness to go deeper into the human psyche that we all possess, and which enthrals and frightens us in equal measure.
Try to open yourself up more, and keep your wallet closed.

 So if you prefer to use this piece of unproven technology that even the maker makes no claim about, go ahead but remember, caveat emptor (buyer beware)!

Chris Halton

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