Tuesday, 27 September 2011


A Paranormal Playground?

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT)- Rumors or a haunting?  Mystery surrounds one Huntsville playground where some people claim ghosts come out for a little playtime.

Just outside the city sits Maple Hill Cemetery, the oldest and largest graveyard in the city.  Nestled behind the cemetery is an interesting lot; a playground.  To many, it's known as "Dead Children's Playground."  Legend has it that after the sun goes down, interesting things happen.

"We walked down here and we get on the swing, and out of nowhere, you hear someone scream.  When I say I ran like the fastest ever in my whole life, it was terrifying," says Rashad Deyampert.  Reports of swings moving by themselves and children's voices floating through the air litter internet chatboards.  There are many theories as to what causes the occurences.  One rumor is after a string of child abductions in the 1960's, many of the kidnapped children's bodies were found on the playground.  "I heard some kids fell off a slide, or someone died, a couple kids died in here, and they never leave.  At night they'll come out, or whatever," said Deyampert.

So is the playground really haunted?  You be the judge.

Source: CBS42

Update: The playground has now been shut down with the land required for burial. Did they shut it because of the publicity, or because of it`s alleged hauntings?
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