Monday, 5 September 2011


A Christ-like image in the clouds?
The scenic snapper was on location 2,000ft up on top of the volcanic Cirque of Mafate peak, when what appeared to be a pair of outstretched arms was seen reaching out from the clouds.

Perrot couldn't believe his eyes when he looked down his lens and, after a closer inspection, discovered that a halo appeared to be arcing the cloaked figure.

The cloud formation was captured on July 10 and has yet to be scientifically explained.

'I was making a time-lapse video with the movement of clouds above the Cirque of Mafate when I began scanning the horizon for a good shot,' the photographer explained.

A close-up of the anomaly
'As I looked up I noticed a shadow floating on clouds surrounded by a rainbow. It took me by complete surprise.

'When I looked back at the footage, it gave me the feeling of divine apparition.

'When I saw the footage I realised the figure was surmounted by a white arc, which reminded me very much of a halo

'You read about this phenomenon in books but I have never seen it before myself.'

Reunion Island is a French territory and is located east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

The island itself was named by early explorers after Saint Apollonia. A virgin martyr who suffered an excruciating death in Alexandria during a local uprising against the Christians.
Last month a man in Canada captured a ghostly looking human face in clouds over New Brunswick, Canada. The incident happened just before a storm and has been put down to a 'natural wonder'.

Source: Metro Online
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