Thursday, 29 September 2011


Staff at the Real Mary King’s Close are turning ghost hunters for the festive season and are inviting members of the public to get involved.

After numerous reports of supernatural activity since opening in 2003, with the majority on Halloween, the attraction’s owners have decided to investigate.

A webcam has now been installed in what is considered the most haunted part of the close, Chesney’s House, where its last occupant, Mr Chesney, lived until 1897. Here is the WEBCAM LINK

The area will now be filmed 24 hours a day but, as employees at Mary King’s Close won’t be able to monitor it constantly, they are asking inquisitive visitors to lend a hand.

Nigel Hosier, manager of The Real Mary King’s Close, said: “I think the senses are heightened at Halloween and people visiting the Close seem to see and hear a lot more than what we set up as part of the tour.

“We take all the reports we receive from our visitors very seriously and would love to capture something on camera to help explain these happenings. We won’t be able to monitor the webcam 24 hours a day, so if people spot anything unusual we would love for them to let us know so we can investigate further.

“We have also obtained some electronic voice recordings from the Close which we will be revealing during our Supernatural History Tours between Thursday 27 and Monday 31 October.”

The Real Mary King's Close is a historical site hidden beneath the Royal Mile and consists of a number of underground closes, originally narrow walkways with seven-storey houses on either side.

In 1753 the Burgh authorities decided to build what is now known as the City Chambers and knocked down the houses at the top, leaving the lower houses as the foundations for the building.
Source STV

Here is a video of EVP recorded inside the Chesney House by Scottish Paranormal. This is their account of the circumstances in which it was recorded.

`Scottish Paranormal assisted in the running of an overnight charity investigation of the Close in March 2010. During the evening we captured a bit of audio that was not heard at the time. During that time three females were in Chesney's house and all males where on another upper level - however when we listened back to the recorder a man`s voice is clearly heard and listen to what is said after the girl asks 'Do you like Gin?'

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