Tuesday, 20 September 2011


On Sunday September 18th 2011, Haunted Earth were able to investigate the 200 year old tower windmill in Thaxted, Essex. The team comprising of Chris Halton, Deanne Romans and Sean Kim attended the building at 9pm for a few hours investigation.

This one off visit proved to be very  interesting and EVP as well as a number of presences were detected, although the general ambience of the building was warm and friendly.

During the investigation some very odd sounds were heard, and a voice was thought to say the first name of one of the team members, Sean Kim.

Five camcorders were used during the investigation and a lot of interesting material is currently being processed for the investigation video which should be ready in a weeks`s time.

The only real problem encountered were a high number of bats in the tower. At one point approximately 20 were seen flying around one floor of the building!

Here is a trailer `taster` prepared to give some of the history of this fabulous location:)

And a few photographs taken on the night.

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