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Parkside Social Club
 Ghostbusters hope to discover the truth about a girl who allegedly haunts a Haworth club.
The Pennine Paranormal Society will visit Parkside Social Club to find traces of the spectral child.
People can join experts Si Booth and Chris Whitehouse for the night-time investigation.
Proceeds of the event, on Saturday, October 8, event will support Not Over The Hill Yet (NOTHY), an “over 50s youth club” based at Parkside.
NOTHY founders Shona and Geoff Grange told the Keighley News last year about the haunting at the Butt Lane building.
Ghosthunter Malcolm Hanson looked into sightings of a girl believed to be in Victorian clothing.
Mr Booth believes the clothing may be more modern and the girl could be an evacuee sent to Haworth during the 1940s.
He said: “Hopefully from research and from the evening itself more details will come forward. The club itself has had many reports of footsteps being heard in empty rooms, also cold spots and the apparition of the girl herself.”
Mr Booth, who runs the Pennine Paranormal Society, will make a visit to Parkside on September 23 with Mr Whitehouse, who runs Otherworld Investigations UK.
They will return for the all-night vigil on October 8 for what they are calling A Night Of Paranormal Investigation And Ghost Hunting.
Limited tickets for the event, which will run from 10pm until the early hours, cost £30 including refreshments through the night.
They are available from or the Parkside Social Club.
Mr Booth said anyone with information about the haunting could contact him through the website.
Mr Booth said the Para-normal Society had recently been involved in a documentary for Belgium TV.
He said: “We have further events planned at the West Riding in Leeds and Bar Place in Hebden Bridge.
“We have also been involved in a number of private house investigations where people have had problem hauntings or just wanted to find out more about the activity going on in their homes.”

Source: Keighley News
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