Friday, 30 September 2011


A Greek couple has sued the NSW government for not helping them sell or simply get rid of their “haunted” house in Sydney.

Previous renters of the Alexiou’ house were a couple now serving jail sentences for life for letting their 7-year-old daughter Ebony starve to death in 2007. Ebony’s parents had gotten the house through the Department of Housing.

However, during their trial it emerged that Ebony’s family rental history was not that perfect as it seemed.

“Our family has been trying to sell the house since the 2007 unfortunate event but potential buyers have been scared off by the grisly events that took place there”, Mr. Alexiou said. Under NSW law, they are required to tell potential buyers its history.

When in opposition, Barry O’Farrell urged the NSW government to buy the house from Chris and Deborah Alexiou, demolish it and create a park in memory of little Ebony.

But since taking office, the Greek family claims the Premier is acting as if he does not know them and actually broke his promise to them.

”We have done nothing wrong but we are the victims – not as much as Ebony, but it is getting worse and worse for us,” said Mrs Alexiou, who is facing stress-related illness due to the whole matter.

The couple sued the government for compensation, with the case to return to the Supreme Court in the following month.

Source: Greek Reporter Australia
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