Thursday, 15 September 2011


Whilst researching for unusual paranormal news or stories, I came across this old clip of an alleged paranormal anomaly captured in 2002 by a Jamie Cutler, a Paranormal Investigator for the Alabama Foundation for Paranormal Research.

 I know that some sceptics would at first be inclined to think this was a bug captured in an `off guard` moment by the camera operator. However, careful analysis shows this to be a paranormal event and not a huge `bug`.

Just a few seconds prior to the anomaly appearing you firstly see a white `orb` move into the frame, and then the anomaly appears.

This concurs with events captured in my own home when shortly before the anomaly appears a smaller one shoots out first moving in the same direction. Then almost immediately after that the main manifestation appears. This has happened to me on many occasions and can be argued that this is one of the few predictable `tell tale` indicators that an event is about to occur.

Quite apart from this, the anomaly has no body or depth and fades into translucency, and of course more importantly, bugs do not move so erratically in a bird like motion and at such incredible speed.

But like all clips or videos shared, none of us were present and as always, I`ll leave it to your own opinion or judgement.

All copyrights acknowledged for the use of this clip.

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