Tuesday, 27 September 2011


We've all heard stories of ghosts in certain areas of the district, many say several houses in Sault Ste. Marie are haunted. Batchawana is also a hot bed of activity according to locals there. 

To the east, we've heard reports of haunted houses in the Bruce mines area and also St. Joseph Island. 

Which is why we find this footage fascinating. 

Local2 photojournalist, Brandon Printess can't explain what he caught on his camera by accident nor can he explain a camera movement that was captured at the same time a blurry white image floats by the camera. 

"With Halloween being around the corner, i can see people thinking this is a scam or doctored video. I promise its not." 

As Brandon explains, it was just by chance that the camera recorded video. 

"My dad has a trail camera set up at our hunt shack and every now and then loads the pictures from it to his computer. This last time he set it to take video instead of pictures, left st Joe's island and came home. When he went back, to his surprised, he had caught this
strange video. As you can see, there is a feeder in the back, as well as a few bears eating." 

Take a look at the video and tell what you think? 

"I can't explain anything else. Would be happy if someone could. I will be watching the posts to get an idea." Brandon says. 

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