Tuesday, 13 September 2011


  Fearing pesky poltergeists were behind thousands of pounds of damage to her city centre pub, licensee Nicola Jones drafted in a crack team of ghostbusters.
When the Pennine Paranormal Society (PPS) investigated the West Riding in Wellington Street, they claimed to have discovered NINE spirits – in addition to those bottled behind the bar.
And at least one of those aparitions appears to have been caught on camera, above, by YEP photographer Tony Johnson.
When quizzed, the team said the spectres admitted they were behind the costly breakages – including a fridge, glass-washer, new deep-fat fryers and air conditioning units.
Following the ghoul-hunters’ advice, Mrs Jones and her staff now talk to their resident ghosts to keep them happy – they’ve even been known to make spooks the odd cuppa!

Since taking on the pub three years ago, Mrs Jones and husband Bob have been plagued by the inexplicable – yet costly – incidents.
“We would get one thing fixed and another thing would go,” she said.
“Every single staff member has had a weird experience.”
She said although things still go bump in the night, ghostly mess and mayhem has been kept to a minimum since PPS’s visit.
Simon Booth, who set up PPS, said they used scientific equipment like meters measuring electromagnetic activity and pride themselves on finding common sense explanations. But at West Riding, he said: “We were getting readings as high as if we were stood inside a microwave and this is on a floor with no electricity”.
He said the pub’s phantoms included former cellar man “Norm” and “Mary” – said to be behind the mysterious breakages because she didn’t like being ignored.
Mrs Jones said: “We’ve got to speak to her and she will stop breaking things.”

Story with video of the EMF reactions visit source: Yorkshire Evening Post
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