Thursday, 29 September 2011


 This is very interesting. Firstly prior to some spiritual events there is often a build -up of orb activity, and when I first saw this I thought `dust`, however look what happens firstly at 00.32 and finally at  1.41 ...

Here are the posters own comments.

`This video was taken from a corridor security camera, this corridor had no air vents and all the doors were locked and are fire doors, so have a very tight seal, so no draughts or smoke can get through, you can see mist and shapes moving on the floor..... there is a smoke detector in the ceiling next to the camera, but this did not activate which makes us believe the mist you see is not smoke, and finally at 1.33.16secs you will see a shape cross in front of the camera, we have still framed this and still haven't the faintest what it might be. I have called this video Ghosts and Orbs; I believe in neither.....but cannot explain what you see`.

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