Thursday, 8 September 2011


Sophia Tzavella
Today, (Sept.8.2011) I was honoured by TV7 in Bulgaria to be interviewed for a half hour TV slot about my work and studies on the paranormal by the producer and host of `The New Files` , Sophia Tzavella.

`The New Files`  is one of the most popular and intelligent prime-time TV shows in Bulgaria, and is described as `extraordinary minds talk on the non-ordinary reality.`

She has had some very impressive guests on her show including, Doctor`s  PMH Atwater, Susan Blackmore, Robert Van De Castle, Darin Deterra, as well as Bret and Gina Oldham - UFO and ghost hunters, and Rebecca Skloot, etc. So I felt very privileged to be part of her show:)

Shot taken just before the interview

A little bit about Sophie. She is also a Golden Magnolia Award 2011 winner, scriptwriter, and director of the documentary "Paradise Hotel" produced by HBO Central Europe.

I found her questions to be very thought provoking and intelligent,  and she was also an interesting and engaging host that made the whole process very enjoyable.

We haven`t a date as to when this will be shown, but Sophie will keep in contact with me to let me know.

Here is an extract from one of her earlier shows which has been dubbed over in Bulgarian. `The New Files`

I am hoping that her studio bosses will be curteous enough to allow an English version to be shared here at a later date, but of course copyright issues may affect that. So let`s keep our fingers crossed:)

Source: Chris Halton 
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