Thursday, 29 September 2011


Can you spot the spook? (Click image to enlarge)
 A female ghost was recently captured on camera during the shooting of Taiwanese idol drama "Love Recipe".
In a series of photos released to promote the drama, one of the photos revealed a woman appearing in a van behind lead actor Kenji Wu. The ghostly face could just be seen behind Kenji's arm.
The crew insisted that there was no one inside the van when the photograph was taken.
Kenji later on said that he felt "someone" patting him on the back when he was in the van.
He said, "When I turned around, there was no one."
He also heard a voice beside him saying, "No..."
"After that, I felt dizzy and very cold," Kenji said.
After the incident, the singer-actor went on three days' medical leave.
Kenji's manager however, made light of the ghostly encounter.
The manager said that the drama must have been so interesting that even spirits wanted to catch it. He added that he will be bringing Kenji for some prayers "to call back his frightened soul".
Source: Insing
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