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Mourners at a candlelight vigil in an upper St Andrew community on Wednesday made a hasty retreat after the ghost of the man for whom the vigil was being held took over a young man's body, THE WEEKEND STAR has learnt.
The residents are claiming that the ghost is that of a man who was killed by police just over a week ago. They say while the vigil was being held for the deceased, the ghost took over the body of a man said to be the deceased man's best friend.
The now famous `Duppy` incident whereby a boy was possessed by a friend

One resident said, "Last night (Wednesday) dem keep a candlelight for him, eight days gone since him dead and him tek ova him best friend body. Di yute couldn't even move, all doctor come, when dem a talk to him, him nah respond."
The resident explained that the man was seen smoking a ganja spliff that was left by the man in his room before he died.
"Him did a smoke the dead-lef spliff. A dat mek di duppy tek ova him body. Bout two people did all a try lif' him up and dem couldn't move him, dat a di mystery cause him nuh weigh more dan 140lb," she said.
It is understood that the incident brought the night to an abrupt end as persons in attendance speedily left the scene.
"Everybody run, who nuh go ina dem yard, go ina dem car, mi say the people dem lef immediately, when yuh look yuh nuh see nobody," another resident said.

The doctor reportedly told the mourners to take the man to a hospital and it was while he was being transported there that the ghost left his body, the residents say.
"Mi say when dem decide fi rush him go hospital dem only hear him shout out, 'Whey unu a carry mi go, me and mi bredren a go back down the road'," the resident recounted.

In the meantime, the residents say they are hopeful as the church community has promised to assist them in casting out the duppy from the area.
Source: The Jamaica Star

Duppy is a Jamaican Patois word of Northwest African origin meaning ghost or spirit. Much of Caribbean folklore revolves around duppies. Duppies are generally regarded as malevolent spirits. They are said to come out and haunt people at night mostly, and people from the islands claim to have seen them. The 'Rolling Calf', 'Three footed horse' or 'Old Higue' are examples of the more malicious spirits.

The famous `Duppy` Possession of a young Jamaican boy shared in November 2010
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