Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Cathnafola - Haunting Documentary

October Eleven are currently in the final phase of principle photography with a new feature documentary entitled ‘Cathnafola’. Directed by Jason Figgis, ‘Cathnafola’ explores the haunted Cathnafola House.

‘Cathnafola’ is produced and written by Chris Halton of Internet based Haunted Earth TV. Associate producer on the feature documentary is Jason Shalloe.

Cathnafola House was built by Hubert Vazey-Asquith for his pregnant wife, on an ancient Irish Chieftan battle site in 1855. The house became the site for several mysterious deaths and suicides, and today stands as a dilapidated ruin, which is apparently haunted by the ghosts of several former tragic residents.

The idea for the documentary emerged when paranormal investigator Chris Halton was approached with a piece of film that purported to show three teenagers investigating the notoriously haunted ruins of Cathnafola House.

The first phase of filming took place in March, with unexpected and eerie results. The film is currently in the final phase of principal photography and was shot on High-Definition and Infrared Digital cameras. The documentary was privately financed and it will be completed in November 2011.

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