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Carolina Inn

Wanna sleep with a ghost?

The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill is offering the “Room with a Boo!” package that features overnight accommodations for two in Room 256 starting at $409.

Room 256 is the room favored by the inn’s resident ghost, Dr. William Jacocks. But, don’t fear: Like Casper, he’s a friendly ghost.

And, yes, there was – or is, depending on your belief system – a Dr. Jacocks, who took up residence in room 256 in 1948 and stayed there for 17 years before his passing, ending his time at the Carolina Inn.

Or did he?


The Carolina Inn was originally built in 1924 and from day one was a popular destination and important part of Chapel Hill life. Built by University of North Carolina graduate John Sprunt Hill, the Inn was given to the University 10 years after it opened and remains on the University campus today serving it's intended function as a welcoming place for visitors to and residents of Chapel Hill.

The Inn is historically significant in it's role in Chapel Hill and UNC. Architecturally it evokes a remembrance of time past with it's Mount Vernon (home of George Washington), Colonial style and ante-bellum Southern features. It is truly one of the more beautiful places on the attractive UNC campus and provides a graceful and elegant place to dine, lodge or gather for weddings and other events.


Dr. William Jacocks - a physician note for his involvement with the International Health Division of the Rockefeller Foundation, is said to remain here at the Inn, his residence during the last 17 years of his life. Dr. Jacocks is reported by all to have been a friendly, kind and gentle man with a penchant for jokes.

Since his death, he appears to enjoy himself by playing such practical jokes as locking guests out of the 2nd floor room he called home. The Inn was renovated in 1990 and Dr. Jacocks' living quarters became part of several rooms. Apparently he didn't let a little thing like renovation stop him - their are still periodic reports of the new electronic locks not working and the door refusing to open, once even requiring the intervention of a maintenance worker with a ladder to gain access to the room.
Harmless to all (indeed he rather seems to enjoy guests), Dr. Jacocks lends a little historical cache to the Carolina Inn.


Haunted North Carolina went to the Carolina Inn for an investigation on September 28, 2009. Investigators present were Jim Hall, Noel McCreath, Waverly Hawthorne, Steve Barrell, Deborah Donati, Deonna Kelli Sayed, Robert Odear, Missi Brandewie, Sandra Shelton and one guest. The group split into three teams, with one group staying in Dr. Jacocks' suite, one group interviewing hotel staff, and one group investigating a separate location.

At one point in the evening, Noel reported getting an impression of a man who was a heavy drinker (Dr. Jacocks was NOT known for being a drinker) and distinctly got the impression of ice being dropped into a glass. Shortly thereafter, Deonna and Robert were taking a break in a sitting area just outside the suite, and clearly heard the same sound. They captured the sound on audio. Nearby rooms were unoccupied at the time, and the nearest ice machine was some distance away (near the elevator.)


    "Might Have Won (or One") (51 KB)
    As best as we can make out at this time, someone laments losing?
    Ice Tinkling (1073 KB)
    Was someone offering our investigators a drink?

Sources: Haunted North Carolina - Triangle Business Journal
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