Saturday, 1 October 2011


Okay, this isn`t going to be an easy event to discuss, as you need to keep your eyes posted on a mirror in the far background and to the left of the screen.

Before we go into examining the video, the poster and some friends were visiting a mirrored room (I know not where and how, and neither have I any idea of who they are, and what they were doing - but that`s not important right now:).

Set the video to full screen from at least 11.17 onwards. Keep your eye on the huge mirror to the left, and watch a figure move into view from right to left at 11.21 to 11.23. You`ll see a figure disappears behind a column and does not reappear.

Just prior to this time a female joins another female actually in front of the column roughly at the time the mirror figure appears, but as you can see there are only the two girls.
Certainly a mind twisting event, and one that appears to be paranormal. I`ll let you decide for yourself:)

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