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One of the perhaps most frustrating aspects of my work is actually being able to share my presentations to an audience that either believes in the paranormal or has an open minded scepticism matched with a balanced objectivity.

To be a good all round investigator, you must examine and analyse all forms of reputed activity without prejudice and with open-mindedness. Sadly, that isn`t always the reality and you find some investigators being drawn by unproven science to dismiss some activity because of what amounts to be peer pressure from others.

One of the areas of scathing attack upon me has been on the subject of real `orb` activity.
A few years back I carried out a program of detailed examination and analysis of what these are to the sceptic and how to differentiate between explainable and real spiritual events.

Without repeating the countless experiments, research and video that I have shared on Youtube I still get hostility and negativity from some quarters, and particularly the pseudo-paranormal researchers whose aim is not analytical research, but more as closed minded sceptics who will at every opportunity attempt to deny or refute any research claims by simply dismissing them as `scientifically debunked`.

However, `science` can no more disprove spirituality than `science` can prove the existence of ghosts/spiritual anomalies to an empirically proven standard.

All I have ever read has been opinions, and often, malformed or even ridiculous ones.

A few years back I had a long conversation with a famous and brilliant physicist who explained to me that the known laws of physics are being continually reassessed and changed - albeit very slowly.

His personal view of the paranormal was a very open one. He believes that comparative to our understanding of the known laws of physics, we are still very much in the `dark ages` of it`s knowledge.
Because science has not grasped all that there is to know about physics, he doesn`t dismiss out of hand paranormal events.

Part of the bigotry towards the paranormal he opined, was the fact that many scientists are guided more by their own religious beliefs or fears, rather than the clear rationality that the study of this subject requires. And so a few eminent scientists who do believe are fearful of admission to avoid ridicule from their peers.

And what of the deniers?  I am by formal training a police detective and intelligence officer. I was not selected for that role for simply being a police officer, I was chosen because of my own ability to collect and disseminate intelligence to a higher standard as an analyst.

That discipline has always guided me when investigating any matter of paranormal consequence.
I have (and not at all shameful to admit) psychic ability, and have had this `gift` since I was a child.
Much of that has been improved by my own constant exposure to spirit, and in the process it has allowed a greater degree of sensibility in what I see and feel in the world around me.

I never `diss` any form of spirituality, but instead like to study at close quarters to evaluate whether there are any commonalities to paranormal events, so as to equip me further when I attempt to commune and rationalise with it.

I am not a fool in what I examine, but often I am challenged by some who continue to rely on the myth that `science says` and blithely ignore whatever is presented - because it questions their own beliefs.

Over the years I have honed my senses to see energy as it appears in darkness and sometimes on occasions during the day. I can `feel` through my senses when spiritual activity is about to occur, and can see it mostly as a form of small red energy flashes or as a grey mass.
But of course to open up to experience this you have to be calm and collected, and that is something that some deniers cannot achieve and so they do not experience anything by return.

I recently shared this video based upon events where I have been able to see energy which was picked up by camcorder. Not all that I see is, and again I personally feel that with regard to suitable technology, we still have a long way to go, but it is changing.

Referring to the events in the video, and on the last clip you will see that I reported energy from on high in an ancient church and stated that the energy was moving it`s way down the wall, and that the camera operator, (a guest and friend from the USA) should keep the camcorder aimed at the wall as I was certain she would see an event which occurred as I stated, a short-while afterwards.

On the basis of this very solid evidence that challenges current popular opinion, I was `dissed` by some viewers (including one who wrote an article claiming that orbs are explainable and not paranormal) with the following excuses.

1) I had my eyes `mirrored` by laser treatment, and 2) I can see IR light because my camcorder was defective!
Well, 1) is too ridiculous to answer, and 2) is something that I didn`t realise that camcorders on night-shot could ever achieve!  And say if it was, I was looking up at the rafters when I reported the energy build-up, and the camcorder was aimed directly at me on the last clip.

Even on one clip shot at Charleville Castle in Eire, team members reported a moth as an `orb`,and  as I can only see energy in darkness I reported correctly that I was unable to see it.

And to reassure you, I cannot see any real physical structures in darkness under camcorder IR light. I trip and fall over just like anyone else in complete darkness:)

Of course when I challenged sceptic 2) to share with me on camcorder his own experiments to prove this,  I was accused basically of being a charlatan and a fool.

The point I am making is that I believe anyone who is prepared to open their mind wide enough can experience this. The problem (and one that I find frustrating) is that the `deniers` influence some people far better than I, as they can erroneously quote science is on their side. But it is not science but ignorance which pushes back our own journey in life to understand and appreciate this phenomenon.
On a personal note, I think open scepticism is good, and despite my own personal beliefs I do not always agree that some shared `paranormal event` is real.

My theory to `seeing` is this. During the 1960`s and 70`s when L.S.D (lysergic acid diethylamide) was a commonly taken drug, people used to experience changes in auditory and visual perception, and these could include a weird variety of experiences. In effect, the drug blocked the brain from filtering out `rubbish` perceptions which led to the user, `tripping out` with all and everything from the conscious to the subconscious being seen as `real`.

I believe that by being open spiritually and continuously experiencing paranormal events, that my brain has accepted certain anomalies as being real in terms of visual experiences, and because of that, I am able to see some things that others cannot.

Of course, this is only a theory, but what I have shared on video is a real time event which shows that not all `orb` events are actually explainable and of course seriously challenges deniers opinions.

I just wish that more `serious` investigators can be more open to accept that not whatever a consensus dictates is always factually correct.

 Chris Halton

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