Saturday, 20 August 2011


Things have been going bump in the night more than usual at Craig Y Nos Castle in the Brecon Beacons.
The castle is well known as the scene of many ghostly tales but these were largely taken with a pinch of salt until a professional research body carried out some research there.
During its investigations The Ghost Research Foundation International an international organisation of ghost researchers, found evidence that the castle is indeed haunted.
On a tour of the rooms and corridors psychic Norie Miles 'sensed' a spirit on a staircase. No-one saw anything but when photographs of the stairs were downloaded onto a laptop - they realised they'd caught a ghost.
The photograph appears to be that of a shadowy figure standing on the staircase.  Paul Howse, president of the organisation said: "This in itself could be explained simply as shadows. It was totally dark at the time and we were using infrared night vision photography to capture images in zero light conditions. This combined with the fact that the 'figure' was in the precise position that Norie had described makes this an amazing result."

Source: icWales
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