Thursday, 18 August 2011


FITNESS fans burning calories are not the only energy source inside the old Royal Hotel, with a medium claiming the building has “spiritual movement”.
The hotel was transformed into Bodyworks Fitness Centre three years ago, but several visitors have claimed spirits still linger.
When it was built in 1856, it was the biggest hotel in Queensland with countless guests and visitors, so it is not surprising that there are claims of hauntings.

Chris Black keeps an ear out for supernatural noises at Body Works Fitness Centre

“Members come into our gym and take photos to view the spirits,” owner Chris Black said.
People have even captured orbs on film in the building, which some claim are a sign of supernatural presences.
When they first moved into the building, Mr Black was scared to spend the night there.
“The spirits seemed a bit unwelcoming.” he said, but after a few renovations, he felt the atmosphere was a lot friendlier.
A visiting medium told Mr Black and his wife Tina there was “really good energy” in the building and she could sense a lot of movement.
The medium suggested a number of remedies to help improve the spiritual ambience of the building, leading the Blacks to rearrange equipment, paint away dark corners and improve the lighting.
Mr Black said tourists and club members were also drawn to the building’s remarkable heritage architecture.
“We love the pressed metal ceilings, tall archways and well-known grand staircase,” he said.

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