Tuesday, 9 August 2011


NOVI PAZAR -- Two Serbian police cars were seen parked in front of a house in Novi Pazar, southwestern Serbia, whose owners reported it was haunted by a supernatural being.

A view of Novi Pazar (file)

Reports from the region used the Arabic word "jinn" to describe the alleged phenomena - and said it means "ghost, devil".
The house belongs to Esa Vrujčanin, while the "jinn" was reportedly there "for a fourth night" on Monday.

Police were deployed to prevent an increasing number of local from gathering at the location. Some came to offer prayers and help the family, while others were "just curious", said reports.

The Vrujčanins meanwhile pleaded with those gathered not to stay, and said the family were faced with "big trouble".

Some reports suggested that Muslim imams - some of whom had traveled from Bosnia - were already inside the house, to offer appropriate prayers from the Koran.
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