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UFOS, ghosts and poltergeists have been to blame for police call outs over recent years.
In a series of bizarre claims Lancashire Police have investigated several potential supernatural events.
In one case a ghost was even blamed for causing a car crash.
In the South Ribble and West Lancashire area police investigated five reports of supernatural occurrences in the past five years according to information gained under the Freedom of Information Act..

In August 2006 officers were called to a car crash in Scarisbrick.
After speaking to passengers in the car, which hit a wall after avoiding something crossing the road, there was a clash of opinions between the cause.
The police logged: “Driver thought it was a rabbit, but a passenger said he thought it was a ghost.”
In Skelmersdale in March last year, a caller, who was babysitting at a friend’s house, said a poltergeist was after him.

The caller “described water dripping from the ceiling and things flying around, walls moving, smoke or condensation filling the house and stated that the poltergeist was trying to kill him.”
After investigating, police officers logged: “no evidence of anything unusual at the premises and concerns raised that the caller may either have mental health issues or may have taken drugs earlier that evening.”

In Bamber Bridge a motorist phoned 999 to say he had seen “a ball with a green flash of light about 15ft long and about 100ft up in the air” fly over the motorway in 2009.

Welfare officers had to check reports of ghosts in A&E at Chorley Hospital in 2007, while in Penwortham a caller reported someone outside their home tapping on the window, making weird ghost-like noises and lights going on and off, but could not see anyone.
Police found it was the caller’s son, checking to see if they were OK.
Source: Ormskirk and Skelmersdale Observer
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