Tuesday, 16 August 2011


When I first started to film and share on Youtube my video skills were less than desirable, but I was able to capture an anomaly of that of a little girl who lived and sadly died in my home from the 1980`s.

Even stranger, I later met a family member who lived here and recounted the story of how she passed away and that she had a fond attachment to the house.
But for obvious personal and sentimental reasons I could never share the knowledge that I had, but it vindicated my belief when I and some mediums visiting the house picked her up very quickly.

For a few years I concentrated heavily on my already active home interacting and communicating with this spirit.
She invariably appeared on request as a crescent shaped light anomaly that appeared briefly once a session by directing herself towards me.
She was never resident here, and often appeared in visitation when I asked her to.
On one fantastic occasion she appeared in my bedroom as an angelic light form before fading into the ceiling.

Here are some clips of her making an appearance as the crescent shaped light form in the order that the clips were filmed and shared on Youtube.

And lastly, here I answer viewers concerns regarding the crescent anomaly.

In a way it is a shame that there are many who will never accept these anomalies as being paranormal, and of course their explanations are no more than opinions, but belief in the paranormal is always a subjective response - you either believe or you don`t.

If you want to believe it`s dust, a giant cat`s hair or even a car headlight, then no amount of explanation by me will ever change that.

My aim and objective was to share honest activity as it appears, because I like many was so frustrated by weak TV programs with dubious content.

I sadly always appreciate the fact that paranormal research has been hindered by hoaxers who abound on Youtube and elsewhere, but as Fox Mulder`s XFile poster said, `The Truth is Out There`.
You have to find it for yourself, and then you will realise the true wonder there exists in our last frontier before passing over on the next journey of our existence.

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