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Residents and parents inspect the shack where teenagers are said to have been lured to perform satanic rituals. The shack was later torched.
 A Cape Flats community is reeling after discovering their kids were being forced to take part in satanic rituals.

The affected children have since confirmed they were lured to a shack where they were stripped down and made to “take evil spirits into their bodies”.

Angry residents have since hit back and destroyed the hokkie in Philippi East, which was filled with muti and other items used in rituals to conjure up evil spirits.

A 16-year-old girl who accompanied the group to the secret shack told the furious parents that they were told by their female instructor to strip naked when practising black magic.

Parents have not managed to identify the woman behind the alleged rituals but have vowed to “deal with the instructor from hell”.

Inside the shack, resident found blankets, a drum (galley) and bottles of muti.

They also found a flat piece of metal that was used to burn the muti on.

A mother of a 14-year-old girl says they first got suspicious when her daughter’s behaviour suddenly began to change.

Nowethu Sawutana, 46, tells the Daily Voice: “She would tell me that she had spirits inside her and that I shouldn’t shout when talking to her.

“She told me that when I shout, I provoke the spirits inside her.”

Nowethu says she realised her kid was not the only one whose behaviour had changed after she was called to a school meeting.

There she met at least a dozen other parents who complained that their usually obedient kids had become cheeky and rude to teachers since visiting the shack.

The Daily Voice has established that at least 20 children between the ages of 14 and 17 have been affected.

“I was one of the parents called to a parent meeting at school for my daughter’s wayward behaviour,” says Nowethu.

“At the meeting there were lots of these kids and they told parents and teachers they are being guided by spirits.

“They explained that after school they assemble at the shack to do some kind of rituals.”

“And during the rituals they were told to strip naked and to speak to the spirits.”

Residents are now desperate to track down the woman behind it all.

“We just want to know who is behind all this evil,” says Buyile Mzela, 37.

Source: IOL News South Africa

Sadly, as with this report and many others from across the world and including Europe and America show, that these practises are alive and well. Even in London, a young African child`s body was found dumped in the river Thames - believed to be the victim of satanic sacrifice.

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