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Chambercombe Manor, Ilfracombe, North Devon
 A ghost picture taken by Cornish paranormal investigators has caused a web sensation.
The shot, taken last week at Chambercombe Manor in Ilfracombe, North Devon, clearly shows a girls face in the window of an upstairs bedroom.

A ghostly face?
 No-one has fully explained the spectral image, snapped by a team member for website Haunted Cornwall
Paranormal expert John Forster said: “Zoom in on the window and see what you think…
“It’s not a reflection, as Becci, who took the picture, looks nothing like this, and is also seven months pregnant.
“No-one else was in the room, which was on the top floor – and I checked the outside courtyard.”
He suggested it may have been a manifestation of a young girl.
John explained: “Our team had just ‘picked up’ (sensed the presence of) a little girl, around 13 or 14, by the window.”
The spooky snap has sparked a worldwide Facebook debate, with fans of the supernatural mulling over the pros and cons.
Twenty-one year old James Wright from Boston said: ‘To me it looks as though there is definitely a face on the right side of the window, third square down.
“It looks like the person has something on their right shoulder (left as we look at it). Very interesting!”
Paula Phillips, 3, from New Zealand, added: “It’s scary – I saw a face – looks like two girls.

A close-up
 But Bryan Saunders of thought the image was all in the mind.
The 41 year old said “I presume by ‘face’ you mean the pink blob on the right hand side of the window about half way down.
“I can’t see anything that could resemble a person.
Bryan said he thought it was a case of people seeing ‘faces’ in objects, such as the ‘Man in the Moon’.
He went on: “Certainly pareidolia (seeing faces in natural phenomenon) could be taking place.
“Unfortunately we don’t have a picture of what’s outside – and that means there’s a chance the “face” could be an outside building or light.”
The ghost hunter concluded: “I’d still opt for reflection and distortion in the old glass of the window.”
Chambercombe Manor is a well-known haunted house.
Legend has it the skeleton of a woman was found walled in a secret room there in the 16th Century.

Source: Cornwall Community News
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