Monday, 22 August 2011


Reverend Bob Larson is in Phoenix right now exorcising demons, and if you are possessed and in need of help, you can take advantage of his offer to exorcise those demons for free. That’s right, according to his website, Reverend Larson is exorcising people for television executives in hopes of getting is own reality show. In thanks for helping him out, the possesed won’t be asked to pay the regular donation he requires for exorcisms.

If you have stage fright, don’t worry, the exorcisms will not be on television; these are just for the TV guys to see if Larson has what it takes to have his own show. If you want to be on TV you will need to wait and see if the show will air, or be a heavy metal musician.
According to the Music Feed website, Larson will also be exorcising Necrobutcher, the bass player for the Norwegian black metal band, Mayhem. Norwegian television will be sending Necrobutcher to Phoenix for the exorcism which will air on Norwegian television station NRK. According to Larson this isn’t the first heavy metal band member he has needed to exorcise.

In response to his upcoming exorcism, Necrobutcher says, “I’m not a believer … he’s a quack … I’m just there for the fun of it.”
Despite Necrobutcher’s skepticism, Larson is not likely to be dissuaded.  He writes on his site:
Too often the followers of Christ are portrayed as the wimpiest individuals of all, softies both physically and spiritually who subscribe to non-violence—even when confronted by a malevolent devil.
Spiritual fighters never negotiate with the devil. This is war, not a negotiating table. Overcomer's are not looking to reach a settlement.
You may think I am making all of this up, but follow the links in the stories and you will see this is one of those moments when the truth is stranger than fiction. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity to rid yourself of pesky demons once and for all, heck you can’t beat the price, visit the website for the Spiritual Freedom Church for more details.

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