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Here is a departure from my usual reports as these incidents reportedly occurred not far from my home in Essex, England.

BBC reporter Mr Sewell, 41, said on 3rd August 2011 he saw a bright light descending towards the ground as he returned to the Midlands in the early hours of the morning.

'I was probably about 15 or 20 miles from Stansted at 4.15 in the morning and there was this big bright light in the sky descending towards the road,' he told Radio 5.

'As it got closer it then banked to the left, and as it banked to the left and went across the countryside I could see underneath it.

'It wasn't an aeroplane, and it wasn't a helicopter. Certainly of a kind of - and I dread saying this - disc shape. It had several lights flashing all around it.

'It was not the shape of a normal aircraft it was a big disc, round-shaped craft and it didn't leave.

'I watched it for two or three minutes before I eventually lost sight of it. I decided to go back again through the village.

'It's a very quiet area and I've spoken to someone who knows it very well and they said there's no military installations in that area so I would be intrigued to hear if anybody else saw it.'

On 20th August the media highlighted a video on Youtube of UFO`s filmed on the M11 in late July which appears to show UFO`s across the motorway and not far from Stansted Airport.

Now declassified top-secret X Files and witness reports show TEN more sightings there dating back to 1940.

UFO expert Nick Pope – who used to work for the Ministry of Defence investigating UFOs – said the area was a "UFO hotspot".

The first report was in 1940, when army worker Emily Crewe, 21, told of a huge golden ball in the sky with sparks flying from it at the military camp where she was based.

She said: "It came right up to the window. Its 'skin' seemed smooth, like rubber but transparent, and I could see something bright moving inside the object. Then it began behaving like a jelly, shaking and wobbling."

Terrified Emily said it then jumped a fence before vanishing into a nearby forest.

The next sighting did not come until 1986. Airport worker Kim Kingrey, 46, said: "I saw an oval-shaped object with orange lights all around it, and a bluish light underneath with a yellowish light on top. It was not moving at all."

In 2003 a Ryanair captain spotted a "ball of fire, very bright, no colour" whizzing past his jet over the airport.

In 2006, hundreds of glowing lights were seen flying through the sky over White Roding in Dunmow, just east of Stansted.

The Ministry of Defence could not rule out that they were alien craft. In 2009 there were three sightings and last year two more.

A former cop saw an orange flying saucer near Puckeridge, Herts, west of Stansted, last July. A similar craft was spotted the next month in nearby Bamber's Green.

In April this year, 50 mysterious lights were seen flying in unison just 15 miles north of Stansted at Duxford, Cambs.

Nick Pope said: "The descriptions rule out aircraft and the fact that witnesses include pilots and police make them particularly credible."

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