Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center
 WINGDALE – Five people have been arrested on the grounds of the Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center in Wingdale and they told State Police they were there because of rumors that it was haunted.

They were each issued appearance tickets returnable to Dover Town Court.

                                  The center looks too dangerous to investigate

Some Background

The question certainly isn’t “is the Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center haunted”  but rather, “how many souls still call HVPC home?” As with most abandoned buildings, “no trespassing” signs abound around the property. A first for this researcher, a “no photographs” sign sat amongst the ruins, and of course, I took a picture of it. Two commonly used roads are still open on the property and give the curiosity seeker a great vantage point of much of the campus. Rumours of trespassing arrests keep many investigators at bay.

Jeremy Brown of HiddenHometown.com was able to gain permission to document the ruins of the Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center. Mr. Brown feels, “There is undoubtedly a presence of sorts inside those buildings. There’s a heavy feeling of sadness that hangs over every room, a great sense of loneliness and despair. In certain places, like the padded cells, it was almost stifling.”

Others have reported leaving the buildings with bruises on their arms, experiencing elevators that seem to have a mind of their own, hearing the sound of a pack of dogs in the basement, seeing lights on when there is no electricity present, and so much more. With no investigations having taken place at HVPC, we have no scientific evidence, but this researcher believes that none is necessary.

My advice is that many abandoned buildings like former hospitals are far too dangerous even to visit during the day due to weakened floors, missing stairs and a host of other dangerous uncertainties. You risk more than a fine if you go to these locales at night.
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