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Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli
  An Italian museum has invited paranormal experts from all over the world after workers carrying out overnight renovations downed tools claiming the building was haunted.

The building staff say they have heard soul-piercing screams - temperatures that suddenly plunged and even seen ghosts while working at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, Italy.

The experts are now due to arrive in September to investigate.

The architect responsible for works, Oreste Albareno, took photos with his mobile phone and said he was shocked noticing there was a young female on a photo, although none of the workers had taken a daughter into the building.

"There is something strange that happens at nights in this museum. Objects inside get mysteriously moved or vanish, and there are the apparitions as well", one of workers told daily Il Mattino.

Museum director Valeria Sampaolo said she had organised the meeting of paranormal experts to solve the mystery and get the building works back on track.

The case has been likened to the the smash hit move Nights In the Museum where the exhibits come to life at night after the museum closes because of the power of an ancient relic displayed on the premises.

Director Valeria Sampaolo added: "I don't know what is causing what the builder's claim they have seen and we do have many ancient artefacts with mysterious backgrounds - but at the end of the day I want it to stop - I want people to talk about our museum because of the exhibits and not the ghosts."
Source: Croatian Times

24th August 2011 - See new update with ghost picture:


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