Friday, 12 August 2011


This month is proving to be a roller coaster for me and Haunted Earth.
I`ve just shot an interview with a British TV company on my life and work in the paranormal which will be used in a proposed future documentary on the paranormal for a mainstream UK TV channel.

Later this month, I am to be interviewed on a mainstream European TV channel for around 30 minutes.
The interview (in English and subtitles) will be shown on a well known  paranormal show and will deal with my film work and broadcasts.

Chris Halton
And lastly at some point a very well known American TV show may  interview me in the UK regarding some of my paranormal video work.
This is only in a discussion stage at the moment and nothing has yet been agreed although the indications look good.
When I am permitted to reveal further information on any of these projects I will of course update you all accordingly.But I can say I am personally very pleased with these developments and hopefully one day I might get the opportunity to share my work permanently to mainstream TV audiences.

 I have to say, it has been a hard road to walk on during the last 5 years of filming, editing and sharing my work on the paranormal, and it is so gratifying to know that some aspects of it are now being appreciated by the wider media.

And in conclusion, my efforts have been undoubtedly assisted by you and my loyal supporters who have been kind enough to stay with me over the last few years and have shown constant support for what I do.


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