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Here is a story that parallel`s the mass hysteria of the 17th century against mostly women that were falsely accused of being a witch.

Sarah Murphy is a Wiccan and sold Pagan and Wiccan goods from her shop in Crewe, Cheshire.
She was attacked by extremists,  and staff were struck by bible wielding  religious fanatics, whilst whispers and rumours were circulated that she practised the `black arts`.

 Earlier this year I made a video about a man called, `Frenchy`, who was attacked at the turn of the last century for being a witch and later died, and commenter's  all breathed a sigh of relief that we live in more enlightened times - until this news story.

Increasingly we seem to be heading back to a life more akin to Mediaevalism rather than a new enlightenment of understanding. A worrying trend.. 

A link to the `Frenchy` video - `The Last Witch Trial`  follows this news item.

THE owner of a spiritualist Wiccan shop who says she was forced out of business because of her beliefs is hoping for a warmer welcome in “open-minded” Wirral.
Sarah Murphy opened Lunacy at Sarah’s with two business partners in Crewe in 2006, selling Pagan and Wiccan products and offering tarot card reading.
But she says a campaign of intimidation was directed at them, including false rumours about black magic, Bibles being thrown at staff and protestors barricading the doors to stop customers entering.
The shop closed in 2008 and Sarah concentrated on her ghost-hunting business.
She was persuaded to return to retail after moving to Wallasey to live with her partner Melanie Carlile, who she met through the ghost hunts.
Sarah, 40, who has been Wiccan since she was 14, said: “People automatically assume witchcraft and paganism is satanism or black magic.
“I am a member of a coven, I cast spells for myself and I cast spells for others, but I am not a devil worshipper and I am not a bad person.
“It’s a very nature-based religion and one of the rules is you don’t harm anyone or anything.
“I don’t go around at night on a broomstick!”
Sarah and Melanie’s new venture, Hedgewitch Hollow, will open later this month at Birkenhead Market.
It will sell items like crystals, pendulums, ornaments and ritual supplies and offer tarot card readings.
Sarah said: “I’d been toying with the idea of starting a new business. I’ve been a bit unsure because of what happened last time but my partner has encouraged me to try it.
“Cheshire is quite well-known for its paganism but people here seem much more approachable and open-minded.
“I’m nervous but it will be good to get back to normal.”
Danny Doyle, marketing director at Birkenhead Market, said: “We’ve had similar businesses here in the past and they’ve done very well.
“We might not be able to compete with your Tescos and Asdas for selling sugar but we are providing a place for new and niche businesses like this one.
“These innovative businesses are the future of markets.”
 Source: Wirral News.

Here is a link to Sarah`s website:

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