Thursday, 25 August 2011


                                      I wonder if this is a pre-release gimmick?

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – There are some real ghost stories being shared with the cast and crew of the new film “Ghost of Goodnight Lane”, currently filming in Dallas.
Seventeen years ago filmmaker Alin Bijan purchased two buildings on Goodnight Lane and turned them into a movie studio.

Spooky goings on at the Dallas set?
 While he has been very successful over the years, producing numerous projects for television and the big screen, when working at the movie studio he felt there was always something lurking in the corners, closets and hallways.
Bijan knew the feelings he had in the buildings weren’t ‘all in his head’, so he had two well-respected experts in the world of paranormal sightings visit his offices. Their independent investigations came up with the same conclusion — the place is haunted!
The original property was a ranch built in the late 1800′s. Legend has it five people died there at the turn of the century and it is their spirits that remain present today.
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