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Unexplainable events have mystified the human race for centuries. Ghostly sightings have been blamed on insanity, hallucinations and pure story telling. Spirits that roam the Earth looking for the door to the afterlife is to some a real phenomenon.

Our nation’s fascination with the afterlife has spurred many television shows, and independent paranormal investigation teams. While real life paranormal investigators don’t always agree with televised investigators, they all seek to find the answers to one of the oldest questions of mankind: Are ghosts real?

The United States Military has for decades been accused of secret paranormal studies in areas such as Area 51. Conspiracy theories concerning Roswell range from the examination of UFO’s and its occupants to the development of time travel and teleportation. For America, it’s a highly controversial and widely speculated topic. For foreign countries the US military is a defense force that the world relies on.

While America is currently at war with Afghanistan and Iraq, the military is called for numerous peace keeping missions. The crisis in Libya is one of many. The military has roughly 1.5 million active troops. These troops make up five military branches: The Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

Out of all these military services, one stands out in discipline, lethal force, and training. U.S. Army Rangers are able to deploy anywhere with 18 hour notice. They specialize in getting troops quickly and quietly behind enemy lines. Rangers often parachute down to conflict areas, experts at airborne assaults. Soldiers also use fast lines, rope lines that descend from a helicopter.

Rangers are extremely versatile capable of shifting from a special operations mission into a conventional mission. For example, if the Rangers' mission is to obtain an airfield, they may parachute in, eliminate any threats and take control of the airfield. Once the initial mission is accomplished, Rangers can join forces with our military services and continue on.

Combine the US Army Rangers with paranormal studies and the direct result is T.R.O.O.P.S, the Tactical Research Operations of the Paranormal Science. T.R.O.O.P.S. is a non-profit organization specializing in the unexplainable composed of active U.S. military soldiers.
US Army Ranger and New York native Edward Sears and Navy Seal Sniper Sgt. Aaron Ahearn founded T.R.O.O.P.S. in December of 2010.

“We all had weird and unexplainable experiences when we were young, even myself when I was deployed I experienced an event that made me rethink the paranormal,” said Sears.

Here is a tale of two currently serving soldiers - one Navy Seals and the other, a U.S Army Ranger who have formed an alliance (based upon their military skills) to investigate the paranormal.  Quite how being such a specialist soldier equates to a good paranormal investigator is something I look forward to seeing. 

Is this another TV inspired gimmick? No disrespect intended, but you decide.

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