Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Cast members of the popular iCarly television series got quite a shock during the filming of an episode entitled, “iGot a Hot Room!”
During one of many takes where Carly Shay, Played by actress Miranda Cosgrove, was supposed to run up stairs to her room and change her jacket, the cameras picked up a strange disturbance behind fellow actor, Jerry Trainor.

The National Reporter interviewed the cast late last week to get their thoughts on the paranormal occurance.
“I did feel a slight drop in temperature while we were taping that scene, especially right when that thing appeared.” Jerry Trainor told us. “I also had a weird feeling that someone was standing behind even though I knew no one there.”
Jerry Trainor plays Carly`s older brother, Spencer, on the show.
“I never really believed any of this ghost stuff until I saw the footage, is this for real?”
Actress Jennette McCurdy said. “This is really creepy, I’m kind of scared to be here now.”
“I know what you mean.” Miranda Cosgrove added. “Just the idea that there might be a ghost here makes my skin crawl.”

Nathan Kress, who plays Freddie Benson, seemed to be amused at his co-stars frightened reactions to the video.
“There isn’t anything to be scared about.” He said. “Even if there really is a ghost haunting the place what is it going to do? A ghost can’t hurt you any more than a shadow can hurt you.”

As the cast members discussed Nathan's theory on what possible injury's one might incur as a result of being assaulted by a ghost, the head of Nickelodeon studios walked in and stomped over to Dan Schneider, the producer of iCarly.
He seemed angry.
I could hear him sputtering angrily about firing the “treasonous bastard” who leaked the ghost story to the press.
The person who sold the video footage to The National Reporter need not worry about their identity being revealed because The National Reporter is a responsible and highly respected news service whose integrity is above reproach.


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