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Katies of Smithtown  is at 145 West Main St. Smithtown, NY. 
The bar is known for it`s paranormal activity, and it has attracted TV show`s like Paranormal State as well as being featured on a number of American chat and news programs.

The bar is extensively covered by CCTV and here are two clips from cameras which Katies have shared, and apparently show poltergeist related activity.

Historical background: The original building that is now Katie's was erected nearly 100 years ago as a shop to service passengers on the newly established rail road system on Eastern Long Island. Over the years the land and building building have served many purposes
In the late 1800's a hospital was constructed on the land where Katie's is now. The hospital burned down on December 5th 1909. It is not known if any one died in the fire. Later in the 1920's a candy shop was built on the land.

The basement is relatively new. It was dug out and finished in 1978. The current owner Brian Karppinen purchased the bar in 2000. Over the years significant renovations have taken place. As best known the building is not constructed on any unusual land nor have any significant events happened on the location where the bar stands.

 In the 1920’s a man named Charlie Klein frequented the bar regularly as a bartender and bootlegger. He was quite fond of drink, cigarettes and women.
After Charlie died by his own hand in the late 1920’s patrons reported seeing a figure of a man at various locations in the bar. Reports of this man continue to this day.

People in 19/20th turn-of-the-century clothing have been seen walking through the bar. The figure of a woman has been seen walking across the main bar floor as well as up and down the stairs leading to the basement. 
The toilet lids in the woman’s bathroom have been reported to jump and bang with no one there.The foot steps of people on the main bar floor is often heard from the basement when no one else is in the building.

Glasses have frequently been reported being moved off the bar (both main bar room and basement), the tables and even flying off the holding racks. Brian reported that he once was at the top of the back door stair case, lost his balance and started to fall backwards, but something grabbed him and pushed him back up to his feet.

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