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Mecca Bingo Hall, Rosehill - Art Deco Building
 Ghosthunters were scared out of their wits by a bump in the night during a seance.
A team searching for the spirit of the Grey Man at the Mecca Bingo in Rosehill heard a bang as they gathered around the area which he is thought to frequent.
After being contacted by The Ghost Club, the bingo hall agreed to open its doors for an overnight stay to try and get to the bottom of the mystery.
Contacting the ghost using a crystal ball, the group asked a series of questions before hearing a noise what they believed to be him. Laura Teakle, who works at the grade II listed 1930's building said she could identify most of the noises she heard, such as creaking doors, however when the group were near the Circle Area of the hall, she heard noises which she was unable to explain.
She said: "Last time I came out with the group a door slammed behind me, and this time I heard unexplained noises. I'm usually quite cynical about these things."
Previous attempts to speak with spirits in April saw the group contacted by a former customer of the bingo who was thought to have committed suicide in 1965, and the group believe she was in contact again.
Laura said: "I saw a bright light move quickly in an arc shape as I sat in the top row looking downwards go across the wall on my right. Several of us saw this from different areas of the auditorium. Apparently on one of them if you zoom in you can make out a face."
At this seance the group deployed the use of a crystal ball, but previously a planchet had been used. A planchet is a wooden board with a pen in the middle.
Each member of the group rests their finger on the edge and allow the spirit to move the board around, spelling out answers to their questions.

Source: This is London
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