Monday, 5 December 2011


Well, eventually I got there! Here is the video of the visit and preliminary investigation of Thorpe Lodge, the headquarters of Broadlands District Council in Norwich, Norfolk.
The video has been abridged to just under 15 minutes, and covers much of the activity which was recorded to camera.

As you will see, there was an incredible amount of E.V.P and other anomalies which in the period we were there investigating is quite a record amount of activity.
It was great to meet some of the team from the council as well as John Frary our contact for the night.
We are hoping to return there in January 2012 to carry out a full night investigation of this Regency period property.
This is the shape of how I saw the woman`s dress on the staircase. The only difference is that it had a heavier collar at the back  I couldn`t say what colour or pattern it was.

Special thanks to John and Josie Lewin who arranged for our visit.
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