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One of the main areas of my own research is into the possibility that animals can see spirit - whether sight unseen to humans, or as a full blown apparition.

My interest in animals and spirits actually goes back quite sometime from an event in my own home and my then two cats.

One lunch-time, I came home from work at 12 mid-day. My then girlfriend was preparing a cup of tea while I went into the dining room where I saw sat in the corner of the room my late Grand-mother, who appeared sat in her favourite chair and remained frozen and staring out into the room.

Her form was not as in life, but made up of an ectoplasmic image, which glowed a dull grey and green.
I called to my girlfriend who joined me in that room. She could see nothing.

Thinking that I was imagining this, I was then reassured that my sanity was preserved when my two cats walked in and immediately saw her. They stared intently at the ghostly figure and continued on by her.

Shelly and Jamie - ghost spotting cats
The figure of my late Nan remained a good 15 minutes before dissolving into a misty haze.

What was interesting then to me was that
a) My Nan who never knew of me living at this address had found me, and
b) My cats could share in this visitation from spirit.

Over the next few years, my cat`s frequently reacted to certain areas of the house and yet not to others, and one day some years later, this came to a head when my Tom cat Jamie refused to leave my bedroom and stared intently at a corner of the room.

He became quite agitated and started swearing and hissing repeatedly at this unseen intruder,
and then almost suddenly the room restored to normal and the cat went away.

Two nights later, I was sat in my bedroom narrating a new video when Jamie again reacted more violently to the corner again which naturally drew my immediate attention.
The room by now got colder and colder, and this presence seemed to grow as the room temperature  was heading fast down the scale to freezing.

I went to the corner, and Jamie still refused to give ground whilst I cleared this presence from my home.
Almost instantly the room returned to normal, and the tension disappeared as Jamie left the room, no doubt satisfied with the result.

The interesting thing was that when I reviewed the audio from my narrative I found right at the end of the narration this voice STAND-UP EVP
 It`s sounds like `Stand Up` with a cold and creepy arrogance.

That wasn`t the last time of my own experiences of cat meets ghost, only on this occasion I was able to share in what both my two cats were looking at!

On one fairly recent day, I went to the landing where I saw both my cats sat unusually together, and they were looking directly at a tortoiseshell cat who was staring as intently at them both.

All three were universally startled by my appearance, with my two running down stairs, whilst the tortoiseshell ran into, and passed through a solid door leading into my bedroom.
That was amazing, but in my life not unexpected at times.

Now one of my two cats is in spirit, Jamie though is still here, and still spotting presences.
Cat`s and dog`s and no doubt many other species of animal are very open to spirit.
Animals have an unquestioning openess that sadly many of us have failed to utilise.

But to the question of whether or not animals can see spirit - the answer is a resounding, `yes`, and much more, which I hope to cover here in the near future.

Here are two videos showing both cat and dog reacting as they often do to something not generally seen by humans.

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