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 I`ve recently covered `Freedom of Information Act` requests to various British police forces, and their responses to the question of how many `paranormal` calls over the last 5 years that they have responded to.
On this request, the Avon and Somerset Police actually supply the initial reports to received calls.

Chris Halton - Cop
These calls remind me of some of the strange calls I had to attend to. 

Once, a lady rang the police to say that a yellow big cat had appeared in the garden.
Having attended with a colleague we discovered much to our own relief that the `big cat` was in fact, an abandoned gold coloured sofa or couch in her front garden.

The lady here was a known alcoholic who often used to call the police frequently with either strange reports or odd requests.

Another call I went to was a lady who reported a burglary. Having attended, I could not find a point of entry, and after a few minutes she said, "Well it`s obvious, the burglar was a spirit who climbed in through the front door keyhole".. 

As I found out soon afterwards, the lady had a form of senile dementia, even though she was in her 50`s.
So in respect to many `paranormal` calls, the police wisely use discretion in dealing with these incidents.

`GHOST is chasing me, there’s an alien over the road, I’ve just seen a cat the size of a donkey, and a poltergeist has deleted files from my laptop.
These are just some of the bizarre calls logged with 999 operators from Avon and Somerset Constabulary over the past few years.

Details released through the Freedom of Information Act reveal a catalogue of weird and wacky calls made by members of the public.

The catalogue of craziness chronicles multiple UFO sightings and big cat concerns, often sparked by domestic pets or lights in the sky. Between 2005 and 2011, police fielded 81 emergency calls related to aliens, ghosts and wild animals.  Aliens – including UFOs, lights in the sky and little green men – prompted the most calls, with 32 such reports.

One caller claimed to have been abducted by aliens, one reported ‘aliens across the road’, and another said they had seen an alien ‘trying to breathe everyone in’.
Lights in the sky were said to have slowly circled one caller’s town, while another person said they had seen 23 UFOs fly in formation down the Bristol Channel.

Big cats were another common cause, accounting for 31 calls. The creatures are described by various callers as pumas, panthers, leopards, and even a lion.
One caller told startled 999 operators they had seen ‘a large black cat the size of a donkey pass the house’, while others reported seeing a leopard sunbathing on top of a bridge and a panther killing deer.
And ghosts and mischievous spirits were spotted by plenty of 999 callers too.

One person said a ghost was ‘chasing’ them, another casually claimed to have seen a ghost ‘the other day’, and one said a poltergeist had ‘moved things around and deleted files from the laptop’.
Ghosts are most commonly found in the home, it seems, with one inhabiting the caller’s attic, and another person saying there was ‘a ghost in the living room this morning’.

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