Sunday, 11 December 2011


Here is a post of what appears to be a still from a video clip.
The image shows a blur of what looks like a man wearing at hat.
The poster claims it was paranormal because, quote: ` a man was buried in his hat`.
I`m sure that in many graves there are corpses wearing a strange array of clothing, and including a hat..
It would be better if this presentation had been a video stream to allow us all to draw our own conclusions. A still captured at a particular angle can render to the viewer`s imagination anything.
 Here I let the poster take up the story:

`i know for a fact now that this is real.. this game cam was set up near the cemetery where a man was buried in his hat you can see this ghostly figure had a hat on..all i can say about the location is that this happen north of robert louisiana.. its up to the family if they want his name and or location to be known...`

As always with these types of presentation, I will leave it to your own opinions.

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