Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Ever since thermal imaging equipment was recommended and used by TV shows such as `Ghost Hunters`, these devices have become an essential part of many investigators kit.
In fact clips from captures on these devices have been shared and disseminated by viewers across the internet who have stated these to be proof of the afterlife.

In the right hands they have been used by police authorities to find missing people through their heat signatures, and of course are very useful for tradesmen.

However, these devices (no disrespect intended) are being used by amateurs as a tool for paranormal investigation and research.

Many claim `heat signatures` as evidence of an apparition, and in many examples they have erroneously picked up a cold spot or even a hot spot that exists in walls or fixtures of a location.

Here is one video which I believe is a false positive, although the poster is acting from a position of honest belief.

Before the video starts, here is the posters own explanation:

`A full body apparition is captured with the FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera. Garden State Ghost Hunter Investigators Boni Bates and Rob Reid along with cameraman Dave Goldstein witness this Thermal anomaly in this hallway of an Undisclosed Location`.

Like any type of equipment adapted for paranormal research the user has to accept they are guides to research only, and any captures should be taken in context to events that may be occurring and of course conditions at the location..

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