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Conneaut Lake Park Hotel
Here are two videos shot in Conneaut Lake Park hotel, PA, USA, and appear to show paranormal behaviour.
 The first is a tourist video in daylight, and appears to show briefly a figure of a small boy as the camera operator and family move through the hotel corridors.

The second video is an investigation at night in one of the rooms when a bed is allegedly violently moved when they ask for a response from spirit.
As far as I am aware, both video`s are unconnected with any person.

Before you view the first video, here is an explanation by the poster:

This video was shot in the summer of 2003 at the Hotel Conneaut in Conneaut lake park. On 12/22/09 this video was on "Paranormal State" They called me to do an interview about this video for the episode "Dead Legends" .
Something Strange At Hotel Conneaut at Conneaut lake park. You see what looks like a little boy. It is not any of my kids. I only had two kids at the time and they were behind me when I come into the hall way. My son is the one saying "out, out". He did not want to be in there. No one saw the "ghost" until we watched the video.

And here is the second video posted by a group called, `North Coast Paranormal Investigations`.
There is no explanation from the poster other than those posted on the video.

Conneaut Lake Park and Hotel


Nestled on Pennsylvania's scenic RT. 6, between Pittsburgh and Erie, and only minutes from Ohio, the Conneaut Lake Resort Area surrounds beautiful Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania's largest natural lake.

It opened as Exposition Park in 1892 to take advantage of the adjacent Conneaut Lake. It began as a picnic area like many other parks at that time. The first ride, a carousel, opened several years later, and was soon joined by other rides and a midway. In its early years, the park primarily served as a resort, with several hotels and a grand dancing pavilion. Unfortunately, many of the park's buildings were lost in a 1908 fire. In 1909 the buildings lost in the fire were replaced with new concrete block structures to decrease the fire risk. One of the new buildings was the Dreamland Ballroom which hosted concert and dance events.

The park was renamed "Conneaut Lake Park" in 1920 to reflect a move toward more amusements and rides. In the mid-20th century the park featured many of the same rides as other parks of the time.

In 1943, a large portion of the Hotel Conneaut was destroyed in a fire. The ghost of Elizabeth, a bride who supposedly died in the fire, is said to now haunt the hotel.
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