Tuesday, 13 December 2011


I received this picture from a viewer who has an unusual capture on her phone.
The two people are the sharer and her sister.
But in the background stands a tall figure. The viewer cannot account for this presence.
I find it intriguing and share this with you for your own observations and/or comments. 
If you have any unusual paranormal pictures to share, why not contact me here or on my Facebook account.

Close-up of the anomaly

Here is what the poster has to say:

Hi, we spoke a few years back about something being in my house.. well I caught this pic by mistake pressed my camera on my phone and caught this black tall person standing behind me in my sisters kitchen... do you know who or what it is and what it would want.. its scaring me coz it was behind me.you can see my sister bending down in the cupbaoard  in it as well, any ideas?? 
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