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You often hear some scientifically leaning investigators claiming on video or on their websites or blogs that it has been proven scientifically, that Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF`s) can cause hallucinations and by default explain many paranormal events experienced by people on an investigation.

Further support is added by the opinions of TV `paranormal` shows, that this is the truth.
And you`ll sometimes hear them `dissing` an event as the effect of EMF`s.

It’s a common theory in the paranormal field that high EMF can cause hypersensitivity.
Many sceptics often use `science` as a means to add weight to their arguments, and of course to portray believers as naive or ignorant people. But in truth, the naive one`s are often the deniers, and in this article I set out to prove why.

What Are EMF`s?

In all examples of EMF, the energy field causes a change in everything it encounters.
EMF (or Electro Magnetic Field) is a broad term which includes electric fields generated by charged particles, magnetic fields generated by charged particles in motion, and radiated fields such as TV, radio, and microwaves.

Electric fields are measured in units of volts per meter or V/m. Magnetic fields are measured in milli-Gauss or mG. The field is always strongest near the source and diminishes as you move away from the source.

These energies have the ability to influence particles at great distances. For example, the radiation from a radio tower influences the atoms within a distant radio antenna, allowing it to pick up the signal.

They are present everywhere electricity flows, the health effects of exposure to them are still being debated. There is concern that electromagnetic fields around high-voltage sources such as power transmission lines may be linked to cancer.

What Scientific Evidence Is There That Supports EMF`s Can Cause Hallucinations?

During the 1980s Michael Persinger stimulated people's temporal lobes artificially with a weak magnetic field to see if he could induce a religious state.
Michael Persinger
He claimed that the field could produce the sensation of "an ethereal presence in the room". This research has received wide coverage in the media, with high profile visitors to Persinger's lab Susan Blackmore and Richard Dawkins reporting positive and negative results respectively.

Dawkins reported a range of minor effects (relaxation, sensations in his limbs, etc.), while Blackmore reported "One of the most extraordinary experiences" she had ever had.

The only published attempt, by a research group in Sweden, to replicate these effects failed to do so and concluded that subjects' reports correlated with their personality characteristics and suggestibility.

They also criticised Persinger for insufficient double-blinding. Persinger responded that the Swedish group had an incorrect computer set-up, a claim that the Swedish group dispute and that many of his previous experiments were indeed carried out double-blind, although the Swedish group have also disputed this.

As far as hallucinations go, the scientific community cannot agree on the precise effects of EMF exposure and what levels of exposure might be unsafe.  Almost every health organisation has set certain limits on EMF exposure.  Power companies are subject to these limits.


The biggest myth in ghost hunting/paranormal study groups is the contention that the presence of EMF`s correlates to paranormal activity. There is absolutely no scientific proof that this is so.
In broader terms it is a false assumption based upon others who claim EMF`s are a precursor to many paranormal events.

Yes, we`ve all seen the EMF on camera spark activity on it`s scale which many allude to a psychic presence. But more commonly (and I have proof of this) the EMF has failed to register when something quite profound is being recorded to camera or recorded as audio EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena).

And this has happened more commonly than most investigators are prepared to admit.
Because an EMF meter appears to react to a spiritual presence doesn`t indicate that EMF`s are being used by the presence to do this.

There are a variety of possible reasons why this might be so.

The most obvious is that the operator is falsely making the lights flash, the device is defective, the device is actually picking up explainable EMF`s, or a presence is merely using the device to communicate by making the scale lights flash, and as such has no relevance to the actual devices purpose.

Accepting for a brief moment that EMF`s are an indication of paranormality, and that EMF`s can therefore cause hallucinations. You have to know that to be induced into hallucinatory experiences, you require a substantial amount of EMF exposure to be directly affected by it.

An example would be exposure to an overhead power-line over a considerable period of time.
Of course, this applies to prolonged exposure to any extremely high-level electromagnetic fields.
The possibility of that in any paranormal investigation is virtually zero.

So the argument that EMF`s can cause hallucinations on paranormal investigations is false, and like many theories, a `junk science` - as with EMF meters for paranormal investigation.

As I have always believed and have shown, the best tool to the detection of paranormal events is you. Just try to believe in yourself more than to the opinions of others who trade misinformation as a scientific basis to reject the paranormal or even to marginalise your experience.

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