Thursday, 29 December 2011


Kate Middleton may have spent her first Christmas with the Royal's but it seems she was in the company of some not so friendly ghosts as well! Has Prince William told his wife about the spirits lurking in Sandringham Estate?

Apparently, the massive estate in Norfolk, England, is haunted by the ghosts of dead relatives and servants. They're not the friendly type of ghost either. No Casper and his friendly demeanour here!

"Everyone believes there are ghosts because so many have experienced them, including Prince Charles," said a source.

In fact, Kate Middleton shouldn't walk around the house alone because she might encounter one of these ghosts and they won't be kind to the newest member of the family!

"There are old parts of the house where nobody wants to go or be alone, and Kate would have been told all about them. If she goes wandering around the house alone she could be in for a nasty surprise," according to Now Magazine.

Apparently, the famous `Brown Lady` ghost of Raynham Hall, Norfolk also haunts Sandringham House. At Sandringham she appears as her young, happy self, whereas in Raynham she appears as the eerie, aged brown lady

According to legend, the Brown Lady of Raynham is the ghost of Lady Townshend who was married to Charles Townshend, a man known for his fiery temper. When Charles learned of his wife’s infidelity, he punished her by imprisoning her in the family estate at Raynham Hall.
He never allowed her to leave its premises, not even to see her children. She remained there until her death, when she was an old woman.

Below is a video post of a picture on Youtube where the poster claims to have captured a ghost outside on the Sandringham Estate. To me, it looks like somebody getting ready to sunbathe, but that`s my impression, you may view this differently.

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