Monday, 12 December 2011


As 2011 draws to a close, I`ve decided to post some of my own personal choices of investigations filmed and released during this year.

In January I decided to re-investigate my own very active home and captured some surprising results!

In March I returned back to the haunted airfield bunker with friend and team mate Deanne Romans where we picked up a great deal of activity so much so, I released the `teaser` video here:

Or a link to the full version here:

Later in March, I was joined from across the `big pond` by my friend Mary Freer, who hails from North Carolina.
I performed two investigations with her and friends Sean Kim and Deanne Romans.
The best was back to possibly Britain`s most ancient church where we picked up some incredible events to camera:

In June it was back to my own haunted home where the weird activity that attaches itself to the house continued!

In July we re-attended the haunted airfield. Only this time the activity became more intense and a whole lot more active! Here in this clip appears a manifestation of a man in a dark coat wearing a hat. Sceptics argue that it`s IR shadow, closer analysis by video experts clearly show a static figure that actually moves his head towards us as we closed in. Whatever you believe or don`t believe, it`s amazing footage accompanied by raps to the building as the presence communicated with us.

The `ghost man` clip is here:

The full investigation is here:

In October, I decided to visit on my own an uninvestigated building on the haunted airfield complex. This remained unknown as the building is hidden by trees and undergrowth.
This was an amazing and quite frightening experience even for a hardened investigator like me!

We returned later that month with Deanne and Sean, and this investigation was even wilder than the first! A spiritual presence communicated directly with Sean by calling his name!

And lastly for 2011 Haunted Earth made one final investigation as a preliminary visit to a very haunted Regency period property in Norwich, Norfolk as the guests of Broadlands District Council with our friends John and Josie Lewin who arranged the visit for us with council member, John Frary.

Well, that`s the best of the night investigations for 2011, and we look forward to new locations and challenges for 2012.
Thanks for your support for the Haunted Earth presence both here and on Facebook and Youtube!
Wishing you all a happy Christmas and a very positive New Year :)
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