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Student Mega Tri Pratiwi suffered facial injuries during a failed prank.
Okay, perhaps not strictly a `ghost story`, but nevertheless an amazing example as to how a simple ghost prank can go horribly wrong with ensuing repercussions.

An Indonesian university student who was attacked by a security guard after a prank went terribly wrong has been condemned by thousands of people on social networking sites after her wealthy father reported the guard to police.

Mega Tri Pratiwi, 20, dressed up as a type of Indonesian ghost — a “suster ngesot” or “crawling nurse ghost” — as part of a surprise birthday party for her friend, Fitra Mahaly, at an apartment in Bandung, West Java, on Saturday night.

Mega positioned herself in a sitting position in front of an elevator in the apartment building with the intention of giving her friends a fright as the elevator doors opened.

Unfortunately, however, security guard Sunarya was also in the elevator and kicked Mega in the face, damaging her cheek and breaking a tooth.

Mega’s father, wealthy businessman Mahfud Djabir, reported Sunarya to the police for allegedly assaulting his daughter and has refused police attempts to resolve the matter peacefully.

Sunarya is scheduled to be questioned on Friday.

The case has drawn condemnation from some quarters.

A group identifying itself as the “The Movement of 1,000,000 Facebookers in Support of Security Officer Kicking the Crawling Nurse” had gathered more than 5,000 supporters by Wednesday afternoon.

Mega also found herself on the receiving end of harsh abuse on Facebook and Twitter.

“Silly unstable teenager, lucky for you you didn’t die of the security officer’s kick and become a real crawling nurse in the apartment ... Why don’t you just accept the result of your own doing? It was a reflex; the security officer couldn’t have kicked you intentionally,” one person wrote on Facebook.

Moral of the story? Leave being a ghost to real spirits!

Source: Jakarta Globe
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