Sunday, 4 December 2011


A mysterious ghostly shape has been caught on camera at one of Britain's oldest castles.
The bizarre apparition, which cynics believe is a plume of cigarette smoke, appeared in a photo of the chapel in Clifford's Tower in the remains of York Castle.

York local Karen Cussons lent her camera to her brother's girlfriend for the couple's visit to Clifford's Tower in December and was mystified by the smoke-like shape when the photo was developed.

She said: "Of all the photos she took in the tower, this is the only one with a strange image on it.

"There was no one else in the room and my brother was standing behind her when she took the picture."

Clifford's Tower has a macabre history - in 1190 around 150 Jews hiding in the tower were massacred or committed suicide when they were surrounded by a violent mob.

Local folklore claims the walls of Clifford's Tower "bleeds" blood red on the anniversary of the massacre.

Many ghost-hunting groups have spent the night at Clifford's Tower and claim they have felt cold in the chapel - the same room the photo was taken in.

Many ghost-hunting experts claim York is the most haunted town in Britain and is a stop on York's Original Ghost Walk.

Source: Daily Mail
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